Business interruption insurance (BI)

Business interruption insurance is addressed to companies that already have insurance against fire and other perils with Compensa.

The insurance covers losses in gross profit that occur in result of disruptions or interruptions in conducted business activity.

Within the scope of BI inusurance Compensa is liable for claims resulting from a damage or loss of property caused by:
  • fire
  • lightning stroke
  • explosion
  • collapse of an aircraft
as well as claims caused in result of fire-fighting or rescue actions or during demolition or removal of rubble conducted in consequence of the above events.

The scope of insurance may be extended with the following risks:

  • heavy rain
  • smoke
  • shock wave
  • hail
  • hurricane
  • avalanche
  • land slide
  • floods
  • earthquake
  • collision of a vehicle
  • floodings
  • snow or ice retention
  • land collapse
Business interruption insurance is available in many variants. Please, contact our Agent to tailor the insurance to your needs.